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Unclaimed Money Finder's Manual

Unclaimed Money Finder's Manual


A total nearing close to $39.797 billion is currently being held by state treasurers
and other agencies for 121 million accounts. In FY 2007 from business accounts,
$5.126 billion in unclaimed money was received by the different states and
provinces where contact has been lost with the rightful owners. $1.754 billion was
returned to the rightful owners in Fiscal Year 2006.

The average individual does not know they have unclaimed money nor do they know how to claim it. The state agencies responsible for policing unclaimed monies have attempted to make the claiming of unclaimed money as easy as possible, however, most people are intimidated and frighten by governmental procedures and are unwilling to try to make a claim. That is why this is such a
bountiful opportunity.

The secret to heir finder prosperity is shear volume. Yes, on occasion you will encounter a mega unclaimed property estate, however, the majority of your finds will be in the hundreds and thousand dollar range. Processing hundreds of claims weekly for small finder’s fees can amount to multiple thousands of dollars per week earned. With an average time spent of 45 minutes to an hour to locate an
unclaimed money owner, this amounts to hundreds of dollars an hour. Even parttime you can double your income with minimal investment and effort.

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